It’s not me.  I was sitting with my feet on the chair across from me with my camera in my lap.  I was thinking about the miles of  blueberry bushes we snacked on to arrive above this Alpine meadow.  The hikers at the table in front of me turned around and smiled.  I was humming a traditional German song  I remembered from my childhood; a memory for them as well.  We certainly deserved the song as we were “wandering along the mountain tracks”, like the lyrics dictate.

Clouds and mist started the day;  temptation to go up in search of sun.  Today that meant hiking through the blur to the top of Smittinhohe, Austria where the clouds dissipated in time for lunch, and… THE BEST view. Or so we thought.  That’s when the tiny flash caught my eye,  and the camera lens. confirmed it was someone more adventurous then me; with THAT view.

Parasailing above the Austrian  Alps.  Parasailing above me, below me, and through the clouds, like me.  What was he was thinking,  and more important what he was seeing?

Does it matter?

Does there have to be a reason, a vision, a sport, for everything, or can it just be?  The  truth is, while I loved watching him, I am not sure I would want to be with him. But you know.. together we could just….. be.


Grab life and let it grab you back.

Wind Kisses…

Daily Prompt: Blur