Frequent moves, or travel, invites a unique perspective to “Living in the USA”. Culturally, we speak the same language , are familiar with similar cuisine, and appreciate the American way of life.

The American way of life? What is that? Is it a “YeeHaw” with a cowboy hat in the 73301? Maybe it’s building snowmen and sipping hot chocolate in 03842, or the bikini clad surfers in the 92118. You do know beach-combing in Washington requires no sunscreen, and umbrellas are obsolete in Arizona.

So, yes, Zip Code will indeed, get a package to Gamma’s house with precision but it will also identify the cultural flavor of it’s space.

Go forth. Experience soul food in the deep south, keep the “Lobstah” in New England, and be reminded, there is always more zip to Salsa in the southwest.

This IS the beautiful place we ALL call home.

And y’ all thought a Zip Code was just 5 numbers to address a letter.


Native American Hoop Dance
YeeHaw, AZ
Snowy Madison Rive, WY
Lobster Pound


The Daily Post: Zip