When a Great Horned Owl sets up residence in your space you pay attention, and clearly that presence  symbolizes a greater purpose when the saguaro she picks is in a National Cemetery.  For that reason, she is called Pat.

The owlets arrived looking like puffy snowballs with yellow eyes a few weeks later. Through tears,  I whispered to mama that they would be safe.  Secretly, I wished I had her  5′ wingspan or maybe just a ladder so I could get close enough to snuggle them.

She stood up and hissed at me; not at all impressed.

Today, a few weeks had passed and Mama needs her sleep.  So hush, you’d be pretty knackered too if you had been hunting ground squirrels and rabbits all night for Stars and Stripes.

PS. I know…I wish there was a cute button too.

Love what matters.

Daily Post: Knackered Nest

Proud mama.
Gaining independence, and Mama was in a nearby tree watching.