It’s a bit cliche, but there is truth in, letting nature take it’s course.  Imagine, for a moment, life without waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, or autumn leaves.  Have you thought about the ocean that collects stories at high tide, and frozen lakes that invite hockey games?

Pause for a moment.  Let the trails turn to wander where the wifi is weak and take notes.  The wind WILL teach you art, the clouds WILL teach you imagination, and the rain WILL teach you power.  The sun?  It will set with you, and without you.

Ha! You thought you could Control everything, didn’t you?  Thank goodness being wrong feels so right.

Let go…

The superbloom of wildflowers in the Sonoran Desert….thanks to the rain.
Cave Falls, Yellowstone…thanks to the runoff.
Wind (and flash flooding) formed slot canyons, Antelope Canyon, AZ.
Wind and rain formed Monument Valley, AZ
Jackson Lake, Tetons