My Dear Sweet Daily Post,

I was Climbing the walls the day I met you.  I couldn’t quiet my mind and Chuckle  to think all I really needed to do was write it down. I walked  Blindly  into blogging that day.    Panicked, the ONLY thought that crossed my mind when my arrow hit Publish.   Did I really NEED a prompt, or just self- Control in sitting down everyday to just write?      Ironically enough, it was you who told me to  Pause that first day.

Was it Acceptance I needed? To be Heard ?  Whatever it was…thank you. You have allowed me to  Immerse myself in what I love, to Conquer my uncertainty,  let go of Doubt and fuel my Desires.

 Pleased  to meet you.


Wind Kisses

PS.  Always wear a writer’s shirt…..