Not all who wander are lost.  – J.R.R. Tolkien

So wander…and every so often immerse yourself somewhere… uncomfortable, and let it capture your soul.

In Abril La Feria  takes over the towns and cities of  Spain. Crowded streets resemble moving rainbows, Sevillana/ Flamenco music is on repeat,  and the Andalusian horses have the right of way.  Olive oil, garlic, and sherry mingling amidst the perfumed celebration,  is merely an invitation. Gypsies gift roses, and rosemary, to the flattered señoras.… and an open palm to the understanding gentlemen.  It is simple.

It is  Lifestyle tucked into centuries of traditions.

Yes…let it capture your soul.

Clap out of beat, sing out of tune, let the four-year olds be better dancers, and let the locals snicker at the rosemary you bought from the gypsy.

It might just leave you richer… in character.

Get lost.

Daily Prompts: Better , Perfume ,Immerse , Lifestyle

The streets in Jerez are alive with color and culture during La Feria,
As are the entrance ways .
Traditional venenciador pouring sherry.
Children are taught creative expression at a very young age and it is a fundamental part Sevillana and Flamenco.
Living life, loving life…