“Signposts are our intuition asking inner wisdom to be set free.” ~ Kami Guildner.

We were leaving the tiny town of Sierra Vista when I saw this sign.

Look at it! Read it!  

I had to stop.  It screams everything that is thought provoking to me.  

Personally, I love the symbolism of it.  Cloud nine is supposed to be a feeling of euphoria and yet everything about the sign is battered and worn out.  


Think about it for a minute.  

To me it’s message is simple.  You can’t really find yourself on Cloud Nine without effort. To land there is temporary, unless you battle.

So is it a choice?

I don’t know?

Does it speak to you like it did to me?  

Whatever the wisdom,  I still need to shout out to my husband for making the U-turn so I could get this photo.  After all, we wouldn’t want his drive home to be on the Highway to Hell, would we?

Wind Kisses, Donna 

PS. On another note…this is an old motel on the road out of town. That might be another story. Happy Friday.

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