Was anyone else panicked and stressed out by the introduction of the hashtag? It used to be simple. We knew who was #1 and and we knew when we finished leaving a voicemail we would press #. Now we smash our beautiful words together and throw a #hashtag in front of them. I do it too. It’s a great tool for a categorizing a wedding venue, or gathering photos of must-do hikes. That said…

A scroll though a newsfeed tells another story that the hashtag loves to bring to light. Photos of perfect hair, well-behaved children, elaborate vacations, and gourmet plates of food make me roll my eyes….sometimes.

Perfection is a farce. We know it, we own it, and thanks to the hashtag we can sprinkle humor into our less then #perfectworld.

Truth is travel, children, and nature will lure me to a post 100% of the time. #thisistrue

But…that gourmet meal that only LOOKED good? #passtheicecream

And…you DID you see MY awesome sandcastle on Hotel California’s sandy shore? #shoutouttothesandcastleman I DO wish you were here.


…through it all; I am still confused why tongues seem to dominate so many pictures. You do know #weallhavetastebuds


Daily Prompt: Panicked                                                                                                                 Daily Prompt:Farce