There is the tiniest trace of Nothing along the US Hwy. 93 on the way to Las Vegas.

It’s Nothing really.

Ha…it’s REALLY Nothing.

There is nothing for miles before you get there and when you arrive you will be greeted by the entire town; all 4 of them, and rumor says half the population was 4-legged.

I am sure the sign felt like a mirage to weary travelers looking for fuel and reprieve from the dusty, desert drive. At one time there was wood-fired pizza, a place to buy gems, and time for the needed respite.

The friendly merchants had faith in Nothing, hope for Nothing, worked for Nothing, and yet, for everyone who stopped; there was nothing better.

The sign, and bits of a crumbled pizza parlor are reminders of Nothing as it was abandon in 2011. If you do pass by please know, there is absolutely nothing to do, and plenty of time to do it.

I got nothing else, but…

…this is for another day.

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