Marshmallow roasting clearly identifies personality traits.

There are those impatient types who shove the marshmallow onto the stick and into the hottest part of the flame until it catches fire. In my opinion, the torch might as well be used for ambiance as the marshmallow is wrecked. I am surprised when people eat them anyway, as lumps of coal might be more palatable.

There are those ballerina types who swirl the marshmallow over the flame like a magic wand thinking it’s done, when they could have saved time and just eaten from the bag.

Of course there those overachiever types who nurture the marshmallow until it is the desired crispness; a perfect yumminess. It’s the only way.

Let ME help you.

  •  Start the fire: The perfect campfire will have enough warmth to sit a few feet away and large enough to gather friends and family.
  • Relax: Campfires are all about the mood, so let the moment wrap around you for a minute and to be sure you can call it cozy.
  • Search for the perfect stick:  By all means, take advantage of the littlest humans, they have a knack for finding “swords” in the woods that are typically the right size for roasting. No crumb crunchers? A stick long enough so you can still sit and reach is perfect.
  • Roasting technique: Put a marshmallow just above the coals to cook slowly. When it becomes light brown, slowly turn it until it is of uniform color and looks crisp. If it catches fire, toss it in and start over.
  • Finishing touches: There are a few options at this point. You can pull off the “skin” of the marshmallow, eat that and recook the inside, you can eat it right off the stick, or you can smash it between two graham crackers and a piece of chocolate. Then have S’more. Simple right?

Truth is, it’s all in good fun, a chance at making memories, and nurturing traditions.

Do that.

Now if I could just convince everyone that peanut butter cups are better then a plain old piece of chocolate THEN life would be grand.

Enjoy autumn.

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