“You are no longer a runner”. The words felt like a guillotine and he scooted back on the wheeled chair when my eyeballs flew out of my face. CLEARLY this was a mistake. This was my extended family, my lifestyle, and my legacy. Didn’t he know this was my road to defining me, my journey to confidence, my reason for enjoying mint chocolate-chip ice cream cones… my me?

He did. He was my surgeon and was my biggest cheerleader until that day. He smiled knowing the meltdown would follow, but this post isn’t about that. The pity party would be over when I left his office and I would be ready for the next chapter, the next event.

Running taught me that.

It also taught me life is about what we CAN do. We all have days we would like to forget; none of us is immune. To be reminded to keep moving forward even it is only to place one foot in front of the other, then we have succeeded. In time, those steps get wider, stronger and faster. If we just…. keep…. moving….. forward.

Running taught me to grab life. I learned to put on my “game face”, step up to the starting blocks, and NEVER be afraid to step out of my comfort zone. Oh, I will always be a runner in spirit as far as I am concerned, but now it’s at a walking/hiking pace. And that comfort zone thing is in the form of a swimming pool. Thank goodness for laughter too.

So here I am in this marathon of life, tapering, just a bit. Think about that for a minute. If the sole purpose of a taper is to save up for optimal performance; the best is yet to come.
Yes…the best IS yet to come.

Passion does not have to be in the form of someTHING, it just has shine through the soul of someONE.

I have learned one more thing …There IS still my me.

Love life

The Daily Post:  Taper