I truly believe if you LOOK for the good, the good will land in your lap, and your perspective on life will take on a more meaningful journey.  It’s usually easy.  Nothing a few deep breaths can’t help you figure out.

That said…how is 117 degrees in Phoenix a GOOD thing?   A deep breath will parch the lips and scorch the windpipe. So let’s leave that out, this time.    I chuckle to think it might just be a cruel joke from Mother Nature to test my theory; and the truth is, maybe it’s just our turn to complain about the weather.

No…we are better then that.     The joke’s on her.


There is ALWAYS the good. Trust me.

1. The air-conditioners are a given, and swimming pools a treat.  

2. There is watermelon, ICED coffee, and ICE cream.

3. Hair dryers are obsolete, and everyday is flip-flop day.

4. Baseball and HOTdogs are still an American pastime, because the stadium is INdoors.

5. There is three months until Autumn.

6. The garden rests, so the blogging world will be privy to life according to me.  Wink.

7.  Who knows, maybe I am just relieved it isn’t 120 degrees, as predicted.

I’m still hot.

The Daily Post: Relieved