Do you remember writing notes in Jr. High and then folding them into triangles to slip to a friend unnoticed? I do. I am not sure I ever remember what I wrote. The goal was to simply NOT get caught in those days. Nowadays life moves along with texting, emails, and social media, so hand written notes almost feel like a lost art.

I think there is an allure to writing notes; something nostalgic.

Take the love note for example. If one comes in the mail, the first reaction, following the pitter-pattery heart, is to sit down and take the same minute to read it, as the person who took time to write it.  So take the time; stick a note in a wallet, or tuck one in a pocket to find later. Better yet, send a letter to the work place.

Just because.

Notes are only limited to where your creativity won’t take you. Send an anonymous note to a co-worker saying, you matter, and sneak sticky notes in children’s reading books that say, You are simply amazing. Mail a letter reminding a friend of a childhood memory in an effort to interrupt a busy life, or stick one on the windshield of a car to recognize a new mom or an awesome dad.

Just because.



Gifts. Of. Time? Ever thought about wrapping a box with a note, a simple promise for lunch, coffee or time.


Just because.

Today MY notes to you come with a great excuse to use a box of crayons on the crisp white paper from my printer.

Just because.



The Daily Prompt:   Paper