Oh dear….I am late as I have been shopping.  Wink.

I am NOT a shopper.
Filene’s Basement ruined that.
Motivation plowed right over me,
Like a welcome mat.

I am NOT a shopper.
Never drop me at the mall.
The crowds of pushy people,
Make me want to bawl.

I am NOT a shopper
I promise to complain.
Sales draw them all like magnets,
Jeez, here we go again.

Everything is relative.
Our spirit is to blame.
We all have certain things we love,
Shopping is the same.

I am NOT a shopper, nope,
What? What is that I see?
Ceramics on on the roadside,
The perfect place for me.

I guess I AM a shopper.
When gardens are the view.
Just let me do it my way,
And I will let you too.


The Daily Post:  Magnet