Ok, I admit it. I don’t like bouncing around in a dang Jeep. I don’t see the thrill in holding on while he deliberately drives over every rock on the mountain. And I especially don’t like driving six inches from a 100 foot drop on DIRT.

Nope. Can’t do it.

He doesn’t see why anyone would want to stare at a flower for twenty minutes and take fifty photos of the same thing; or sit on a rock waiting for a mountain bluebird to return to the exact branch it was on yesterday.  Hahaha, you know you’re out there too.


I am a terrible passenger, and his patience is questionable, so on this road called life, we once again, meet compromise.

What we do know is I will complain the whole way. What we do know is he will pretend not to hear me.  What we do know is eventually he will rest, and I will eventually get out, because what we BOTH know, is HIS fun will bring me to MINE…fullsizeoutput_221a

And to his.


Meet compromise.
Enjoy that ride.

The Daily Post:  Passenger