It is kind of a love/hate thing with me and critters.  I am drawn to nature like a magnet to paper clips, and it’s reptiles seem to be drawn to me like peanut butter on jelly.   It’s fun to have a chance to watch them in their native habitat, and yet when they scamper underfoot, the scamperer becomes ME.   Ug.

On this day, the collared lizard of the Petrified Forest stopped, looked back, and waited.  He was probably just sunning himself. Maybe not.  Maybe he was a bit arrogant, thinking he was more beautiful then the Crystal Forest we were walking through. Hmmm, maybe he was trying to tell me something.

Yes, that’s it. Stop. Look.

That’s how it always is.   Nature reminds me to stop, stay curious, laugh, be mindful of others, and to love bea-YOU-tiful you.  Whatever his reason, we waited together until the sunset told us to move along.

Grateful for this exact moment in time and…

…for large camera lenses.


The Daily Post:  Scamper  Magnet