A tethered buoy instigates the King of the Mountain,

Seals in the Puget Sound, Seattle WA

And secured docks are an invitation to bask in the sun.

IMG_3105.JPGTethered boats mean there is lobster on the docks,

Bar Harbor, Maine

and it means my Mother Ship is just a paddle away.

fullsizeoutput_20a0Trust me,  even when you can’t see it, there is an unconditional tether of love that says,

DSC_1436Go. I will always be near.




PS.   I think this was a good save for the daily prompt.  The only thing that crossed my mind earlier was the time I  tethered my two year old daughter to my wrist in the airport.  Those tsk tsk looks still haunt me, even though I had a 6 week old wrapped in my arms.  In my defense, she told everyone, in stretchable distance, that we were sharing a bracelet  and that we were going to give it to Papa when we got to Boston.  Nine hours later, everything was handed over to Papa.   Everything.  Except my sanity, because that day…

Tethered was a piece of mind.

The Daily Post:  Tether