Do you know her?

She smells like bubbles and vanilla candles, with a disposition to match. Most days there is a power not quite as subtle as a scent, and she treats you like the queen you are meant to be… for the moment.

I love that her touch is that of a magician. Her wand will tame the wild ones, taunt the weak ones, brighten the eyes that have cried, and soften those with a lifetime of stories to tell.

She is patient and kind. Her expertise lies in washing away troubles, and blowing away years. I think her love is ripping away what’s in the way, and plucking away stubborn strays.

Yes, fresh beginnings… that is her love.

She sees, Tutti Frutti, Flashbulb Fushia, Tango Passion personality, the perfect examples of creative expression and happy feet.  She will leave you to smile, dance, or simple capture the hearts of others who will appreciate the new in you.

Walk away in her reflection.


Do you know her?

I think you do?

Thank you to those who dedicate themselves to making us beautiful.



The Daily Post:  Pluck