In a perfect world, everyone should think like me. Surely I am always right, and don’t see any reason someone would want to disagree with me. I’m friendly, pretty reasonable, and fairly smart.

Do you think like that too?

In theory, if we all agreed about everything, life would be great. Truth is, we don’t live in utopia and everyone who surrounds us has life experiences that mold them into who they are. Thank goodness.  You don’t need me to tell you that, you already know.

Life happens.  Yes, there will be times  when we can’t come to a consensus, and there are times we can talk about it anyway.   Maybe…that bench or the chair next to me is all we need to bridge the gap. IMG_7506

Or maybe we need to take the step to bridge the gap ourselves. IMG_0328

Would it help if I leave the door ajar? DSC_1447.JPG
Or let the gate stay open?  I will try; will you?


Yes, that’s it.  Let’s just meet half way.DSC_0172.JPG

I won’t promise to agree with you, but  I think we CAN agree to try.   True Grit.

How do you bridge the gap?

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