This trek up  Cathedral Rock Trail  is challenging, and quite frankly, a battle.  There are steep inclines, unplanned obstacles, and no easy way.  Oh, there are arrows to point you in the right direction.

They all face up.

It seems unusual to think we even need direction since up is the motivation.  It is more unusual to think we need a sign to let us know it is the End of Trail.  We are privy to that line-of-sight, and there is nothing beyond a summit, right?

The sign?  It’s tucked into the rocks. There is a resting log next to it where people are munching on granola bars, so maybe this place is an invitation to gather energy.    There is a celebration for everyone who makes it to this point, and everyone uses that log to refuel.

This isn’t really the end. We still needed to go back down the hill, and I can see the trail continue around the ledge to the left. So we celebrate perseverance, and bask in a moment of arrogance.


Sometimes the hardest trails bring us the greatest satisfaction, and there are times when  all you can do is place one foot in front of the other to get where you are going.  Life is notorious for gifting us with…

Milestones. Thank goodness.

The view told a different story.  Maybe the summit had nothing to do with the end and everything to do with the message.

A sign?

A sign of something greater?  A gateway perhaps. You decide.

I already know.

When I returned to cell service,  I saw my cousin posted a very similar picture, and post within minutes of my time at End of Trail. She lives 3000 miles away.  That moment was the same moment my uncle passed.

I believe in angels. 

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