It seems natural to bend down, brush my palm over the top of lavender and let it speak it’s namesake.  It is a fragrance that whispers memories of  summer in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA.   A bumpy, moped ride from the local marina took us to Pelindaba Lavender Farm. 

fullsizeoutput_2331A deep breath let us know we had arrived. As lavender promises;  calmness, relaxation and a romanticism engulfs everyone drawn by the evanescent fragrance.  It’s presence brings unmatched elegance to hillsides. Steps become slower, and those deeper breaths invite us to linger longer, to capture the scent for as long as daylight allows.fullsizeoutput_2332

Sapp and Sons Lavender Farm in Albuquerque, NM has a different story, and is a little closer to my heart.  It is here we are greeted by a LARGE Irish Wolfhound named Titan, his counterpart Rosie, and their fearless 3-legged cat named Jack.  You won’t make it to the front door, because if Steph isn’t on the front patio sifting lavender, she will be welcoming you from that door in a matter of seconds.

Like before, a deep breath lets us know we have arrived.  This time elegance walks in the form of a beautiful woman, and a lifelong friend,  deep-rooted with passions of faith, family, and country;  in that order.  Yes, the lavender blossoms will lure you, but it is Steph’s presence that will be sure you savor this lavender’s southwest landscape.

Photo Credit: Kevin Sapp

It is also her that brings laughter and a touch of reality to lavender farming.  Offer to volunteer  and she will be sure you understand two things. One, there is an exact science to cutting lavender, and two, dinner consists of bowls of cereal for about a month.

So yes, you will still be engulfed in the same elegance and grace you would expect of a lavender farm….and this time it will come with a friendship that will permeate your soul.


Look for them at farmers markets throughout NM.

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