I do believe nature has a hidden agenda, and I promise you will find something you weren’t even looking for.   Pay attention.   Today, my agenda is the discovery of hidden Mickey’s in the most inconspicuous places.  Some are hidden in plain sight.

IMG_1589.JPGAnd some are tucked in the leaves.fullsizeoutput_2348Some are meant to “look at and don’t touch.”

DSC_0427And others are more fun to create as a surprise to those who are behind you.   IMG_0332 Sometimes you have to look with more intensity, but I promise it’s there.  Version 2And sometimes it isn’t Mickey as all, and instead, as plain as the nose on Snoopy’s face. Do you see him? Lucy is there too. fullsizeoutput_2345What are you searching for?  Whatever it is…be reminded, it might not be a thing at all.

Trust yourself.

The Daily Post:  Hidden