What does it mean to have a lust for life?

For most it is merely a desire to experience life to the fullest, and to enjoy the life that is placed in front of them.  Some of it can be controlled, like travel and lifestyle, other times it just kind of happens, and still other times you have to laugh to find what life is trying to teach you.

The #lovelife mantra is more simple then trying to turn it into something profound, so I won’t.  Your story will write itself whether you like it or not, so embrace the bad and celebrate the good.

So what does a black bear sauntering across the road have to do with a lust for life?

A drive just south of Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone took us through the forest and also took us by surprise.  To our delight, this chubby, black bear was happily gorging herself on huckleberries along side of the road.  A full belly and endless berries was clearly the motivation.  Life is good when forest provides a bountiful supply of snacks.

Her message, a few minutes later told a different story.

A message clearly intended for us.   And we were were simply grateful to be present in this moment…anyway.

What you see and what your hear depends upon where you are standing. – C.S. Lewis


Thank you Frank Jensen for this weeks motivation. Photo challenge – Message


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