My writing is reflective of someone of few words. And truth be known, my personality is exactly that. I admire those who seem to let everything flow from them.  I learn to wait for the wisdom, or humor, and I tend to flock to people true to themselves. In the blogging world, poetry often has a hidden message, footsteps of the past carry bold messages, and uncharted paths carry moments of wow.   fullsizeoutput_cbcWhat I have learned from them is…I remain unchanged. I  have comfort in knowing,  good or bad,  my writing and photography reflect me.  I look for the reason in a photo or purpose for life experiences.

I enjoy a soapbox occasionally, but you won’t know it until later…when it sinks in.

I hope.

It’s not what one would expect.  Here is what I know (in my infinite wisdom).  You see, with everything going in the world we all think if everyone thinks the way we do, it will be a better place. I think the same thing, but let me ask you this. Is there anything I can say that will change your mind?  Do you realize nothing you say will change mine?  Oh I will listen, I will hear and I will learn something about you, but my passions run deep.

Like yours.

That is passion, my friend. That is strength of character. That is being true to you. So, how are you using those passions today? What are YOU adding to the world today? IMG_4073.JPGI know my place, but you won’t hear me recite a list of everything that makes me great…I am busy doing it. DSC_1534.JPG

Do that…too.

Sink in yet?

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