Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who is rambling on…about nothing? You know the type.  The guy who gives you a play- by-play of last night’s football game, that you already watched; or the lady that tells you about every Pinterest pin for her daughter’s wedding bouquet…next year.    Have you ever been privy to a history lesson when you just wanted to know if there was an Italian Restaurant in the vicinity? What about the knowledge you gained hearing about a dessert list from an extravagant cruise?

Have you ever done it?

Ha, caught you didn’t I.  We all have.  Truth is, when you love what you do, you radiate confidence and when you do what you love you radiate passion, so it’s not really rambling at all. Instead it is a piece of who we are and how we express ourselves. We love to talk about our experiences and are confident in our ability to share it.   So we do.   I guess pride falls into place here too.

Pride?  It doesn’t always come in the form of conversation.  Often it comes in a delicate presence of milestones, challenges or lifestyle.

Sometimes it is music, or art, IMG_0803

Sometimes it is heritage.

Tony Duncan (world Champ)

Sometimes it is Patriotism.IMG_0732

Sometimes it’s an accomplishment,and sometimes it is… DSC_0976…the fish (or the bug) that DIDN’T get away. IMG_1718

I know you ooze passion too.  Tell me more.  I promise I will listen.

Cheers. IMG_0685


The Daily Post: Ooze