Time is a one shot deal– John Shin

I wish I had a penny for every time someone said, I will do it tomorrow. Sadly, we can’t take it with us and as cliché as it sounds, use it or lose it. It can’t be replaced or collected. Time can only be passed. Children grow, summers change to winter, and vacations go by the wayside. The have to outweighs the want to, and life goes along. Have you thought, maybe it isn’t about time constrains, but the attitude about time that is a reflection of your day. Don’t roll your eyes. We all share the same finite amount of time in a day, 24 hours to be exact. 24 hours to decide how we live our lives.

Use it wisely.

Live each day like it is your FIRST.  Go ahead and groan when the alarm goes off. Leave it there. Be prepared to live for the aha moments. Enjoy fresh, snow-covered lawns, the scent of hyacinth near the back window, or a spider web that has been spun overnight. Carry a camera, and revisit the photos later. Those are probably the aha moments you loved anyway. And…if the surprise comes in the form of a coffee splatter on your new white pants; there is laughter for that.
If you still don’t get it, take a two-year old with you. They are in awe over everything. There is a message there.

Stay curious.

Do what you like, like what you do is the slogan sewn into Life is Good shirts. Learn and understand what is important to you. I will repeat it, to YOU. When you understand your own values, passions and what motivates you, balance and life fall naturally into place. There will always be people who think they know what is better FOR you.

Do you?

Live life deliberately and make it purposeful. If you find productivity in watching clouds, do that. If you are a horrible cook, PLEASE let someone who loves to cook do it. Know your priorities and know the sun will set so you can rest. Get started. When stuff gets in the way, keep sight of what matters. Just place one foot in front of the other. Keep going. To let your head spin around might be entertaining for us curious folk, but it wouldn’t do you a bit of good. Breathe. Channel your energy. Isn’t the all-encompassing goal about happiness?

Notice the little things. 14445948_10208833894823036_462634833821396110_n

There is no greater gift then the gift of time.


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