Do you argue with yourself?

If a great friend told you they would love to travel and were afraid to fly, what would you say? Chances are the first words out of your mouth would be “what?, and why?”. Maybe your life experiences will offer a diversion from the fears, and maybe they just need a nudge from a trusted friend. I don’t know. However bold you might be, there is an expectation that they will face their fears and move on.

And here we sit on our high horse with our own fears tucked into safety nets with the do as I say and not as I do mentality. Why is it that we can give others the encouragement they need and we validate our own fears by convincing ourselves it doesn’t apply to us? Whether you know it or not, you do argue with yourself, and that’s a good thing, because the challenge isn’t necessarily about overcoming fears, and instead about overcoming the mind.


The first horse I ever climbed on was met with a swift kick by the owner and the eruption of laughter, not from me. The rest of the story is unimportant as I decided that was the last day I would be within arms reach of a horse, and I was fine with that. A fear of horses convinced me that large animals were dangerous, horses were aggressive, and frankly I was perfectly happy to go through life without them.


In logic, the fears attached to the ride had nothing to do with the horses and everything to do with inexperience and an irresponsible owner. Fear was escalated by a sense of vulnerability, helplessness, and it was taunted with laughter. Fear is real, and analysis aside, it is ok to say, I am afraid.


The truth was, I set aside a love for these beautiful animals, because of a mindset. Plenty of people ride horses everyday. They are fun to watch, I have a fierce admiration for people who work with them, and a friend convinced me they could take me to places my legs couldn’t. Unfortunately, would it hurt me again, kept cropping up. A drive to Cave Creek Trail Rides with a list of questions that I never thought I cared about, warranted a further debate, but it was Jake who took me on my first real ride through the hills of the Sonoran Desert. It is Jake who taught me about being in control, about safety, about attentiveness, and about trust.

Did I mention Jake was a horse?


Over the next few months confidence tucked fear into a new place, called tackled! I have graduated to riding on the matriarch June and sunset rides have become a favorite date night.  There is a new appreciation and respect for this lifestyle, a place that is now shared with others.


I think I just argued with myself. 😉

And I think I just won.

Do that …too.


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