The call came at 2:06. I had just pulled brownies from the oven and chuckled to think if my husband walked in he would have said: What did I do? To validate his claim, I learned a long time ago, brownies are better than battles, so there is some truth to his statement…sometimes.  I do keep a broomstick parked in the laundry room for other times, just so you know.

On another note, I am notorious for baking when I want to relax, and when company is on the way, but I also love chocolate. Today I allocated a second cup of coffee for the afternoon. Brownies seem naked without it, and the coffee is more flavorful with the chocolatey treat. I figured a break might help me organize my thoughts about a recent project when the phone rang.  Caller ID confirmed it was the call I had been waiting two weeks for.   A call that might change everything.

I wondered if a deep breath would even matter and instead smiled with a shout out to my me. You see when you live your life deliberately your mind will rest. I knew nothing had been left unsaid. I love and I am loved with a priorities of faith, family, and fun.

Passion for what I love is no secret and is sprinkled by the heels of my shoes. My greatest rewards are in the eyes of my daughters and the compassion they bring to the world. Laughter? It resonates though my grandchildren with silly songs, and stories carrying memories and milestones. They know about the wind kisses, the pennies, the circle rocks, and time.


No, I don’t skip around a bubble of happiness where nothing goes wrong and everything is exactly as planned. I am not naive or immune to life challenges.  I live in a bubble of reality with a passionate belief that you live each day as if it is your first….not your last.

It’s all good.

I let it ring until I knew the voicemail would pick up.  There were four rings.   Her voice was familiar,  but she introduced herself anyway.  After that, I heard only two words. No cancer. I could hear her talking, but I don’t know what she said. She just kept talking.  I was still stuck on those two words when the tears exploded from the impact of another chance, another moment, and ok…another brownie.

Today when he walked in he set my coffee aside and got the champagne. It doesn’t matter if it goes together, does it? What matters is, today we are happy to eat brownies and champagne for dinner, just because we can.

That gift of time I always talk about… it’s real. Use it wisely.

Wind Kisses.

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