If I wrote a book on how to be perfect, would you read it? I hope not. You’d be wasting your time, because I have absolutely no idea swhat that looks like, and shame on you for thinking someone has all the answers. Being “human” is hard enough without having to fit into someone else’s mold, and the truth is, it’s imperfections that make us human. Oh, there are plenty of folks out there who will tell you how it should be, but I won’t get into their imperfections. That is up to them to figure out.

With that out of the way, I can tell you how to be a glorious mess!

  • Make sure your mascara is on your eyelids, so when you are already late for work the lovely server will smile at you and point to her eye as a hint.
  • Make sure you trip up the stairs of Caesars Palace, just once. That’s enough.
  • Make sure you let the kids fix ice cream for dinner, because you were too tired to cook.
  • Make sure you wear your white blouse to Maggianos and order spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Make sure you have a bad hair day, and pray it rains so you can curse Mother Nature.
  • Make sure you laugh to show you are rich…..

…in character.


The Daily Post: Glorious