Autumn isn’t always about leaf peeping.

Farms are in the midst of harvest season, and while pumpkins might wait a few weeks, apple orchards are prepared for pickers, and corn mazes invite adventure in dating and character building.

Join us.

Apple Annies Orchard looks at the Dos Cabezas Mountains, in Arizona. The valley presents itself with acres layered with blossoming sunflowers and is the perfect welcome to our day.


I heed the warning.

He wonders how anyone could possibly get lost in rows of corn, and I chuckle knowing, he believes that. We opt to take the overachiever’s entrance on the right. He lets the owners know we will be back in a few minutes.

I ask them to please come find me if we aren’t back at sunset.

There are riddles and clues to help you along the way, and when that doesn’t work, stand by as there will be an attempt with explicatives.

It’s all in good fun.fullsizeoutput_25b4

The truth is I am happy to wander around in circles with my camera, while he is determined to find the way back to the farm stand.

I know soon enough the mighty, military strategies will be put into place.fullsizeoutput_25b5

But to his dismay, and my delight, we are in the middle.   


We eventually found our way back to the sunflowers, and learned of  another harvest down the street.


This time it is grapes.  Cheers.

Grateful again for that gift of time.


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