I think it is a good time for a thank you note.   I remember not to long ago asking what in the world a blog was.  It was something new that  computer people did, not me. I went about my days scrapbooking, and organizing photo albums.

Time moves along and here I sit with the rest of you…blogging.   Like so many of you, I really just wanted a place to document my travels, a place that someday my children and grandchildren will smile and say, ya…that’s how she would say it, and to let my thoughts fall into a photo, or onto a computer screen.

I never expected a gathering of pen pals from all over the world. It is interesting to wake up to people saying good night in another part of the world.  It is fun to have people take us along on their journeys to places we didn’t know about, and then there are those who live near your childhood home, and take you back.  And you know what?

Laughter is universal.

It is entertaining to sometimes not know who the heck you are communicating with, because they like it that way. When I started writing it was because of nudges from friends and family. I never told them, until recently, I had landed here. Anonymity, for me,  was fun for a while, but I am who I am.  My me.

Over the past few months my blog seems to be evolving into itself.  It’s fun, and what makes it fun is all of you.  So here is to you, all of you.  I don’t know who first penned this little meme, but it says just what I need it to today.

This world we live in has….

One universe,


Nine planets,

Photo credit: sciencemag.org

204 countries,

809 islands,


7 seas


and I had the PRIVILEGE of meeting you.

Photo credit: Facebook, A. Ferreres

It is always about the people you meet along the way.  Thank you again.

Wind Kisses.

Feel them?

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