Legend tells us if you find a rock with an unbroken line running around it, it is a wishing rock. If you make a wish for yourself, it will come true, but if you make a wish for someone else, ALL of your wishes will come true.

There is one condition. The circle must go all the way around for it to work.  It doesn’t matter where you find it, or if someone gave it to you, it just has to have the connected line.

It was my mother who first told me about what she called the circle rocks. The rocky New England coastline was the perfect place to learn.  She said they were powerful rocks to make wishes and were magical for those who used them.  That tiny spark of magic gave purpose to a seaside treasure hunt for the rest of my childhood.    I  hunted diligently for these treasures, and imagined a collection of wishes in a glass jar along with my sea shells and sea glass.  I was empowered about the stories  I could tell to friends about these magical rocks that just happened to be laying on the beach.


And it was real.

The funny thing is, the determination  to find as many rocks as possible and sharing my new-found wisdom was, by far, more important than the wishes.   I learned this years later when my children were searching for their own wishing rocks on the shores of the New England beaches. Their collection became treasured memories from my childhood home.

Now I understood.

That wish of my mother, and my grandfather before her was to simply….pass it on.

My wish?  The same.


Let the circle of life perpetuate the legacy of wishes.


The Daily Post: Circle