One by one they walk into the gym.

Another one today.

More surgery and less clothing.

I wonder if competition is so fierce that they feel it is a necessity to enhance everything and I wonder what made us a society of needing/wanting to be someone else. At what point did we decide people are only attractive as the eyes want them to be? It is normal that the first thing that grabs our attention about someone/anyone is their appearance, and to like someone for their looks is not wrong, but when did appearance trump character?

If the world was blind, how many people would you impress.

Now let’s keep this straight. Keep it real. I am not saying don’t don’t primp, and please DO take a shower and wear deodorant.  Let yourself step up to the occasions and down to the nitty-gritty. We are supposed to do that.  And luckily human nature forgives us for those moments of  vanity.   But why isn’t character enough?   Do we want more attention, need more self-confidence, radiate wealth, or do we feel deserving?   I don’t know. Help me understand.

We were made for more than pretty.

If I asked you who the most influential person in your life is, chances are you would have a list of character traits about them, and not a list of their physical attributes.  Wise and kind are what come to mind for me.

My grandmother never played in the yard with us, took us shopping, or to the candy shop down the street.  The house did not smell like potpourri, like most gammas I knew. It smelled like food, usually something roasting in the oven, in preparation for a nearby uncle.  The memories I have of her are simple.  She had two chairs, a rocking chair inside, and another chair outside with the arrival of spring.  In her later years, I remember her sitting in her chair with one priority; me.  She sat and listened to the world according to me and only shared when I wanted to know.  Her wisdom came from someone who endured far more than I could think up, but I never saw her frown.  She was one of the most beautiful woman I have ever known.

Is beauty really only skin deep?

There are plenty of articles on inner beauty and what it means, and there is advice shared by those with more letters behind their names than I have.  You can research lists of personality traits and “how to” articles about being beYOUtiful you, and sadly you can even read about tricks to being kind in an unkind world.  Sigh.    I did learn that character can for the most part overcome the superficiality of appearance, when you let it.   Actually, I already knew that. With that and with my infinite wisdom,  I have come up with my own list.

Ready?  Take notes.

  1. Smile.  Just today.  I’ll bet you’ll be on repeat tomorrow.


Now excuse me while I go straighten my crown.


Thanks for stopping by.  And tell me…

Who is the most influential person in your life?


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