To thine own self be true – Shakespeare

Loyalty is to be faithful to commitments, values and causes.  We often interpret that as, be nice, be kind, and giving to others.   Thank goodness, because as a culture we would use a little bit more of that right now.   What about us?   What about us? It seems selfish to put ourselves before others, or does it?  Maybe the confidence we gain in being loyal to ourselves is what we need to be better, to be happier,  to find that  graceful balance we all  seem to be searching for.


Take time to really know yourself.  What are the principles that make you happy?  What are the passions that motivate you and fuel your desires?  What are the simple things?  What are your limitations?  That was a big one for me.  I used to be that yes person.  I was Ms. Reliable for projects, jobs, childcare, counseling, and coaching, and there was nothing about it that I didn’t like. I thought it was more important to be involved then to say no.  My gut told me otherwise.  I was over-scheduled, overwhelmed and battling disorganization.  Re-evaluating my time helped me learn to pick and choose where to put my energy.  Now, time is not spread thin and energy is dedicated to the most prominent charities of my choice.

Be true to yourself. Look in the mirror and understand the person who looks back at you is as genuine as you let it.  Recognize your character flaws, own your vices,  decide what makes you miserable and change it.   If it is procrastination that is your nemesis,  look back in the mirror…you are not done yet.  There is no pretending here.  It takes courage and integrity in being loyal to yourself .

It is your soul that impresses me, nothing else.

Honor and respect yourself.  This is not to say don’t challenge yourself.  That is paramount for growth.  What I am saying is to look within yourself.  Recognize when something feels morally wrong to your soul.  Let compromise dictate the situation, without  compromising yourself.    Be accountable to you, and also allow yourself to make  mistakes. There will be times you have wronged others, or stuck a foot in your mouth. Breathe, perfection is overrated and forgiving ourselves is how we build character.

Every passion is  good when we own it, and every passion is bad when it enslaves us.                 – Jean Jacques Rousseau

Take time to invest in yourself for a change. Priorities will find their place, and commitments, vows, and causes will take precedence where they should.  People learn to count on you for your integrity and not just your time. And there is an understanding that not everyone needs to be in your life.

If I cut you off, chances are you handed me the scissors. – Google images

 What matters is you are at peace with yourself.

Carpe Diem…

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