How do you plan a move like this? How do you know what to take? 
What do you do if there is a bear? 
The planning began when our names were thrown into the hat thinking they would never consider hiring us…and they do!  Knowing what to take begins with lists of what you can do WITHOUT.   And bears?  Those who arrived before us said, just make sure to hike with someone who runs slower than you do.  
My eyes flew out of my face.  
Our life in Yellowstone began exactly like that.  I wasn’t new to hiking, and I was certainly never immune to hard work, but living in the wilderness was different. It was here where I was a neophyte. I was behind the curve in everything from cooking over a fire, learning life without technology, and defining true conveniences. We didn’t know what we wouldn’t  have until we arrived, and you know what?  
It was OK.  It was better than OK.
The truth is, our work in Yellowstone was a chance to live a simpler life for the summers, while enjoying the outdoors and meeting people from all over the world.  We lived in a camper, were introduced to this natural laboratory as our backyard, and we met nature in it’s most spectacular showing.  Necessities were redefined and the littlest of conveniences were treasured. There were hiking boots in place of running shoes, Camelbaks instead of Starbucks, and bear mace for a peace of mind and clueless tourists.
What was more important, was it was here I learned about cowboy coffee, that our phones make great paperweights, and a kitchen could be  over a campfire.  
And now this place were we were once nature’s  guest now holds cherished memories  from a place we also call home.  
NOthing like the campfire, Yellowstone.
Be well, Donna
The Daily Post: Neophyte