True Story.

You know the drill. New day, same dang alarm clock. Ours goes off at 4AM. The first feet to hit the floor move to the kitchen where the lifeline to the world waits, the coffeepot.   We go our different ways with work, gym time, appointments and schedules.   It’s all good.  Routine is a part of our lives from the get go.

But isn’t it nice when something reminds you to stop.

On my return home I was mentally going through my list-of-lists for the holiday when a hot air balloon floated overhead.   We see them quite often during the winter months living in the Valley of the Sun.  On the weekends my coffee is on the patio where I can hear them before I actually see them. And good morning’s are fun if they are within ear shot.

I guess it must be peaceful to connect to the world from an open sky, and from my viewpoint, to touch the sky without barriers would be fun,  but it’s not for me. There is a sense of uncertainly without a steering wheel,  an organized plan, or navigation, not to mention the five-foot flame overhead.  Truth be known, it is that lack of control that frightens me.

But… not everything in life goes as planned, does it?

Sometimes to enjoy this ride we call life we have to buy into to the notion that you have to let go to that which you can’t control.  Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax and be present in the moment, that exact moment.

Sometimes you just need to laugh.

I watched the balloon land behind my house and went home.  I had time to write-up a blog post and was pleased that it seemed applicable to my morning, but when I was getting ready to link it to The Daily Post, I discovered  the word of the day is droll, not drill.

You can’t plan this.

I guess it is my turn to just let go, be present in this moment and laugh.

Thank you WordPress for adding a droll twist to my morning routine,


The Daily Post: Droll