It is kind of strange to see an ostrich farm in the middle of the desert.  Every time we go by I comment that we should just check it out, and every time it is the same scenario. He speeds up just a little,  and I watch it pass by…again.

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch is on exit 219, off the I-10, between Phoenix and Tucson, and rests at the foot of Picacho Peak.  I admit it seems to be one of those tourist traps we tend to stay away from and without kids around, it seems silly to go in, but it’s no secret that everything amuses me, and a large sign on the front of the building  that shouts Feed the Ostriches  has taunted my curiosity for years.

I know it is uncharacteristic of grown-up fun.  We tend to spend our weekends hiking, traveling,  or on road-trips to historic towns, but this weekend he promised to stop, and I promised it would be fun, experimental fun.

It is important to listen to your inner child.   


It was every bit as entertaining as hoped. We learned the role of the males in protecting the eggs.


We  enjoyed holding real eggs without worry because a shell held the weight of our 175 lb. guide.


I admit, hand feeding them was a bit intimidating,


But for those dubious souls, ostrich fishing was an option.


We were delighted to learn the fun was not limited to ostriches.  A monster truck ride into the desert taught us about American history, regional flora and fauna, and included information about local hiking in Picacho Peak State Park.



The child is in me still, and sometimes not so still – Fred Rogers

Back at the ranch there is an extensive petting zoo that included a sting ray pool.  Personally, a particular favorite for me was feeding the lorikeets.  The colorful birds are able to open the container of nectar, on their own, while you simply provide the branch.


Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in our heart. – Winnie the Pooh.

It was impossible to walk past the hole in the wall of live goats without laughing. Their pen was two stories high with cutouts along the visitors side for feeding.  There was no one who left here without a smile.   Smiling is contagious…


Just ask the smiling mule.


Wonderful fun, all because of the sign that said, Feed the Ostriches.


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