We are all creatures of habit to an extent. Habits comfort us and for those of us who love routine it seems mandatory for getting through the day. We eat the same breakfast, follow the same roads, check our phones, and go about our business. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is what it is, and we are who we are, but sometimes it gets a bit mundane, doesn’t it?

Anyone out there relate?

Today I just wanted different.  I didn’t want my peanut butter toast,  I didn’t want to drive  6.3 miles to the gym, and I applauded myself for not making my bed.

Easy enough.  A walk it is.

The entrance to what I call the canal trail is as quiet as the morning.  The memory of my grandchildren resonates at the climbing park, and today the hummingbirds dart around in the sunrise.

It seems liked yesterday I was training for local running races on the same trail, and these days I enjoy the diverse and delicate, desert landscape.


At the end of the neighborhood, the trail goes up to a horse gate. This is the access road for trail maintenance and first responders.  It is also the perfect place to do push ups. Today I do 21, because I can.    Pretty proud of myself until I realized I had an audience.

That’s  right, today is Wednesday,  training day.  I thanked them for their service and their patience and let them pass. The trail to the mountain was on the right.


The desert flora is loud.

And with winter, the desert critters are quiet.


And the top was a great place to do absolutely nothing, once again, because I can.


    We are what we repeatedly do.  Aristotle

While I think a break from routine is paramount for growth in any part of your life, habits do define your character, they become you.

Make sure you are what you desire to be.

For me it was getting back outside, but there is more than one way to do it. Drive a different way to work, go to lunch with someone else, or learn a new skill.

I returned home from this little snippet of my day with a clear mind and an understanding how important it is to step outside that box occasionally.  The world is immense, but there is often just as many surprises in your own backyard, just take a moment to weave them into your comfort zone.

I will enjoy a new routine for the winter months, truth is I always do. I guess I just didn’t realize it was that time again.

Welcome to winter, on repeat…



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