Let’s make a fort!  

The squeals of my grandchildren flew out of the toy room.  I laughed, remembering last time the living room carpet became the shark ocean and the couch was a ship to sail around the world.  I remember my own daughters looking forward to pruning days because that meant tree-forts outside.

Not sure what it would look like today, but I do know it will be their way.  I guess I could give them directions on how to build the best forts, but I won’t.  I just watch.  I always watch,  because they  have something I don’t have.  Their creativity, their imagination, and the opportunity to build their confidence belongs to them.

I can tell you what I do know. 

  • They are making decisions.
  • They are using their imagination.
  • They are problem-solving.
  • They are making sense of the real world.
  • They are using math and physics skills.
  • They are having discussions.
  • They are learning teamwork.
  • They use project analysis and project management.
  • They are accomplishing a task.
  • And they are having fun.

But I won’t get into that today.  Let’s just let them play.

Today it has become a puppet fort.  Tomorrow?  Not sure.

There is a meeting about that.

fullsizeoutput_289bAlways leave a little sparkle wherever you go…


Thank you Frank for this fun photo challenge about building today.

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