I smiled the whole way home, letting every word of our conversation soak in. I loved her new journey and loved seeing her exactly where she is meant to be.

My friendship with Karin began a lifetime ago when my kids were young adults and we were figuring out that, what’s next part of life. In those days we spent mornings  training for local events, and while life got a little quieter, it also got a lot busier. For me it meant a career move to another state.  For her, the balance of work, a military spouse, and sporting events with her kids took precedence.

Life goes on.

As we move through life I think we gain a greater understanding of what a defines a true friendship.  Today, and nine years later, this brief visit over coffee reminded me of exactly that.  With age comes wisdom, and also some perception about my choice of friends.  They all have one thing in common.

They are fiercely authentic.

As someone who finds glory in being an introvert and finding comfort without conformity, it’s probably surprising that I have friends at all. What you don’t know is, contrary to popular belief, not all introverts are anti-social. We do love people.  We just love them in small doses and enjoy what quality over quantity looks like in a friendship.

There is a certain serenity in friendships.

For me, I don’t care much for superficial attributes, and instead and I emulate those who bask in keeping it real.  These are the ones who let you take the deep breath before you talk, and five minutes later laugh at the frivolity of something you thought was serious. We don’t always agree on the same things, we don’t have to.

That’s what friends are for.


The best kind of friend is the one where a coffee meets in the middle and you walk away knowing it was the best conversation you’ve ever had.  – Donna


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