Perception often convinces us to believe in something.


Take for instance the Queen Victoria Agave.  It is a favorite of mine for a lot of reasons. It is prized for its beautiful symmetry, its delicate lines, and its ability to thrive in the daunting, southwest landscape.  It is a paragon of perfection for the desert gardener.

Just don’t touch it.

We all have what we perceive as perfection. I read a story about how a young girl spent months traveling all over the world with the selfies to prove it. She generated thousands of followers who couldn’t wait to see where the next destination would be. Comments fed her ego, and envy convinced her she was living the dream everyone longed for.  But…

She was lonely.

Why do some of us feel we have to create a perception to be accepted? Is it necessary that we all have the same mindset, believe the same things, and live life the way others tell us to?

I don’t know about you. I have already flunked that scenario. I don’t even get along with my spouse 24 hours a day. Do you?  Please let me know how you pull that off, if you do.  I would like to take notes.

What if today, if we find our peace and let everything fall into place. fullsizeoutput_86b5

What if today, life brings you limes instead.  Isn’t there potential there too? IMG_3180

And what if  we really do fly. DSC_0415

I will meet you somewhere along the way. And when I do, I hope you are simply in your  element… like I am in mine. MmwPsTB+R%CIouXsEZpiLg

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by RDP: Paragon