Perception is what convinces us to believe in something.

Take for instance the Queen Victoria Agave.  It is a favorite of mine for a lot of reasons. It is prized for it’s beauty, it’s symmetry, it’s delicate lines, and it’s ability to thrive in the daunting southwest landscape.  It is perfect eye candy for the desert gardener.

Just don’t touch it.

Now imagine the beautifully wrapped package from Saks Fifth Avenue. You know it will have the most lavish scarf or expensive diamond earrings tucked inside.

Or will it?

Then there is that well-dressed woman who gets out of her car sporting high heels, perfect hair, and smelling of a cosmetic counter.  She might be someone of wealth or great stature.

We were at the entrance to a hiking trail.

How about elegance?  

I do believe elegance is a confidence, and a graceful presence, but in theory is elegance a perception?  Is elegance an aura?   Is elegance just in the eyes of the beholder? Is elegance a facade?

Or is elegance – what in our element should look like?