Shout out to those who can’t get to the local Safeway without getting lost.

We all have our gifts, and while I might boast about a perfect driving record, I cannot say the same about getting where I need to go.  Can you relate? Directionally challenged people know exactly what I am talking about.  You are the ones who stop to ask directions and know you will need to get out of the car to check the sun direction, rely on a compass to know due North,  and keep a notepad in the center console to write down every detail. Otherwise after the first, turn west for 500 yards, the kind stranger will get the deer in the headlights stare.

Yes, we all have our gifts.

Maps are a lifeline. In the past, road trips to ball games and swim meets meant the route was highlighted days prior.  The kids (and their friends) all knew how to follow along and read off exit numbers, if necessary, until we got to our destination.  No one was allowed rest stops or hunger pangs, because that would mean a change in route, so the car was always packed with food and water just in case we ended up, who knows where.

Mapquest simplifies travel.   With the introduction of home computers and modern technology, Mapquest was a step up.  The printed directions to destinations made traveling easier.  Unfortunately, there were times the site was not up-to-date regarding farm roads, or developments that blocked my way.   Since cursing at a piece of paper is not a good look, and a stretch of my character, the maps remain in the car just in case.

Navigation. With GPS Navigation maps are almost obsolete.  My guide, who I call Honey, nags a bit, but gets me where I need to go.  I will now drive anywhere unless it is a right hand drive country. Sometimes I think Honey takes a deep breath when she suggests making a U-turn at the next light for third time, but we are in it to win it and we usually do.

Cell phones have now become the just in case.

Today, I still love my friends who say, I will drive and I still read maps. After all, my feet need to take me places too, and like my children, my grandchildren will learn the way, just in case. DSC_0318.JPG

Yes we all have our gifts.    Travel safely this holiday.  You are on my mind.


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