Is it even possible to pick one favorite photo to encompass all of 2017?

My initial thought was to take a photo of Sky Harbor Airport. It seems, this past year, hospitality has become our calling as we introduce and explore with friends and family who visit Arizona . It is representational of everything good in our lives.

I also thought the American flag might be a choice with all the work I do with military families. Instead, I scrolled through my albums beginning in January.

The photo that made me stop was of the Jeep’s odometer that read 99,999 miles.  We watched it turn to 100,000 that day on our way home from Lake Pleasant.  The only miles that don’t belong to us are the six prior to purchase, nine years ago.  That in itself is a story, and a reflection of my blog.  Today I challenged myself with picking one photo for each month of 2017.  The one condition…the Jeep got us there.  Ready?

Keep calm and hold on.
fullsizeoutput_2b8e.jpegJanuary:    Soldiers Pass, Sedona. Do you see Coffee Pot rock on the left?






Be so good at what you do that you leave people breathless by your performance. R. Sharma


February: Chocolate Falls, Flagstaff, AZ








Everywhere we travel is a blank canvas with a palate to paint a story.

March:         Grand Canyon 







 Do you ever wonder if we make the moments in our lives, or the moments in our lives make us? – Lucas Scott


April:                 The wild burros on the trails and banks of Lake Pleasant, AZ.







Never stop wandering into wonder – Suzzy Kassem

May:               Pecos Historical Monument, NM










Your future self is watching you right now through your memories. 

June:           Summer in the desert.  Lake Pleasant, AZ






Too often in life we pass by important things.  Pause for a moment. 

July:                White Mountains, AZ







Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventure. – L. Drachman

August:       Robbers Roost, Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness, Sedona





Build the story you want to tell. 


September: Ghost towns, South Mountain, AZ







How ordinary it is to love the beautiful, and how beautiful it is to love the ordinary? – Marius Veith

October: Snowbowl, AZ







We are the authors of our own stories. IMG_2417

November:  Palatki Ruins, Sedona, AZ

What’s Your Symbol?








The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.

December:      Jeep me! 









I do believe it is absolutely miraculous that I could narrow down  my year into 13 photos.   Thank you for coming along.



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