I woke up this morning to a comment on Facebook that said: Thank you for who you are.

I laughed, and thought, how grateful I am for those who surround me, those who know what is important to me, and those who understand my genuine love of life. I am who I am.

There is not enough room in the world to list everything I cherish, so I won’t try.

I will say I learned at a very young age, a place is what you make it, and a place is about where you will tell your story.  No…I have never lived in a snow-globe of  protection, and I think that is what has made the adventure…an adventure.

Maybe it is a state of mind.   I don’t know.

The photo was my Instagram/Facebook fun yesterday, but the response it triggered reminded me of something from a from a few years ago.

 As a military family, we knew what being away from home looked like; and any moment to be together was just that…TOGETHER. Now…as I pretend to be a grownup, with mom in New England,  my daughter and her family in Nebraska, and me in Phoenix, I take a deep breath, embrace FaceTime, simply LOVE this creative LIFE, and wait for days when we land together.

We have had Christmas in the Autumn, Thanksgiving in summer, and birthdays…whenever. For all of us to be in the same place at the same time IS the gift….ALWAYS.

It’s funny….Mom used to say: Everything is going to be alright, we will see you again soon, and my daughter?  #wegotthismom

Same thing new generation.

Now you know why …that gift of time thing….

Where is your heart today?