Four years ago I stood on my driveway promising myself I wouldn’t let the tears come until they turned at the end of our street.  The tears would have made it worse for everyone and my husbands, second ever, tears told me he couldn’t fix it. I took a deep breath, booked my first flight to Denver, and wrote my young grandson a letter.

Dear LJ,

It seems like yesterday I was saying these words to your mommy and your aunt. Today…. as your mommy opens another door, full of opportunity, courage, and pride, here is my wish for you……too.     

I hope everyone connected to my blog takes 10 seconds to watch the video, regardless of your fan status for Rascal Flatts.  I promise this will resonate with you as the new year begins.  And this is my wish for you…too. #SOAR

Finally looks a little different for us today.  My daughter’s family begins their trek south to begin a new chapter with fresh opportunities. My shadow this time will be in the form of a spunky granddaughter who already knows what living life to the fullest looks like.

Happiest of New Years,


If you didn’t know, this was the motivation behind the name of my blog.  Read about it here Why Wind Kisses.


Forgiving Fridays