The painted rocks left on trails and hidden beneath shrubs has become a local trend on our trails and in our parks.   While I think they are overdone, sometimes they are fun to come across.

This morning I came across two large stones on the middle of Horse Gate Hill.  Together they said: You can do it, Run Hard! A forlorn mood stopped me for a moment. A few years ago I would have welcomed the challenge and tackled the hill.

Not today.

You see, Horse Gate Hill is the name I gave it when I used to run.   It is a long gradual incline peaking at the horse gate, and the perfect place for building endurance, strength, and to challenge my mental capacity.  I could also do push ups on the gate without getting my hands dirty.   I was thinking those were the days.  Those were the days.


Those were the days; those days.  Days that defined me, molded my personality and brought me a love of the outdoors.  And you know… whoever left the stones was hopeful they planted motivation for someone who might need the extra push to get up the hill.  They were right.

It was also a smile left for me, and a memory for me to remember.

A few mixtures later I came across a family with two little kids.  I let them know there was a special message on the road ahead and to make sure they read it.

fullsizeoutput_2c0bThey took the bait.  I guess it is their turn.


Finding inspiration in the most unlikely places,