My granddaughter went flying into her room to search for her stuffed grizzly bear that she calls Panda. She announced that Panda had saved a spot for her to snuggle for a nap. I kissed her and listened outside the door as they talked about the morning. Before she fell asleep, she told Panda she loved him….and that Gramma is her very best friend.

To her, that means we just play. And while this means nothing to anyone else, my heart tells a different story.

My wish is simple?  That she will remember…..

Rainbows are more fun when you can touch them.


Playing ROAR in the park is more fun when you get all the kids to join in the chase.

Running up the hill is more fun when you get to roll to the bottom. 

Rocks are meant for climbing and no mountain is EVER too big. But…if you decide to click the small rocks together, you can make rock music too.

Dancing is whatever you want it to be…


As long as you know the red ribbon means the right foot.


And while daisies are fun for picking, they make great paint brushes….too


You are loved.

I haven’t decided if this light is a thank you from my soul, or from my angels knowing exactly how I feel in this moment. #conveyor

That gift of time….