The wine was in a thermos so we wouldn’t get kicked off the beach.  We weren’t going to start any trouble, we just promised each other we would watch the sunset before our trek home the next day.

The beach is a frequent weekend getaway from Arizona, and while I can always think of something to celebrate, today was a milestone, and a sip of wine sounded like a nice addition.

Thirty-five years ago the story looked a little different. The day started with a box of cinnamon pop tarts shared with the man I would spend the rest of my life with.

Nothing about our wedding day was extravagant either, and I liked it like that.  It was about us, only us.   The truth is, the early days were unique, sometimes quite laughable, and we didn’t care.  We were young, in foolish love, and experts at making it work.

Contrary to most, so it seems,  I did not marry my best friend, I married the man I choose to marry.  We were more different then sunshine and rain and our go to song was Pat Benatar’s, Opposites Attract.  So how did we make it work?

Let me know, if you figure it out. 

One thing I know for sure is we were definitely not living a fairytale. We faced military deployments immediately, and the imperfections of life often outweighed perfections Every. Single. Day.  

We have climbed mountains only we know about, have learned to slide down the other side still laughing, and still…figuring it out. I guess, by now, we are in it for the long haul. 

I laughed when heard him snoring with the sun on his back, as I knew it was only a matter of time.   Me? This was my green light to go beach-combing and if he woke up before my return he would know that.

We are who we are. 

Our tribe has grown. Now we are surrounded with those who like to bask in the sun, and those with a tameless spirit, and the balance of what …together looks like.

This is us. 

Living our life. Loving our journey, and keeping it real.

The tide washed away my message in the sand before he could see it. I wondered if it carried the stories of the past, or it was a fresh canvas reminding us to begin another day.  Regardless, the sun slipped below the horizon, just like the reflections of our life together……