My first impression of Santa Fe, New Mexico was how colorful and eclectic it was. The locals boast they are “the city different” and that doesn’t need any further interpretation. There is a hippie spirit that emerges from simply wandering the quiet streets, along with a timeless echo inviting you to immerse yourself in the curious alleyways.

The Center Plaza remains the core of the city  with Native American markets, gathering places, and restaurants. The benches are merely an invitation to spend a few minutes watching city life walk by, and convince you that Santa Fe is where tradition collides with contemporary.  fullsizeoutput_2fa9


So, open some doors,fullsizeoutput_2fa8

Walk down those alleys,  fullsizeoutput_2fa7

Browse the native markets,


And let Santa Fe color your world.

Unless of course it is adventure you seek…. They’ve got that covered too.   Forever humbled by this beautiful country I call…home…


Bandelier National Monument.

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