Do we really need a day called Pay It Forward to be kind?  Shouldn’t we naturally insert kindness into our daily lives? 

Regardless, today is Pay Forward Day and with it evolves the chance to continue  a ripple effect of kindness. Maybe the motivation behind the day is to be deliberate about how we live our lives, or maybe a reminder to stop for a moment to notice what is going on around us.  My hope is to create a chain reaction.  After all, the tiniest rivulet of water leads to oceans, the tiniest seeds grow forests,  and a raindrop feeds a rainbow.  Right?IMG_1553.JPG

So can’t a tiny act of kindness perpetuate a lifestyle of that in return?  

Join me. Opportunities are everywhere if you pay attention. 

Help complete strangers:  Help someone load groceries into a car, hold a door open for someone with full hands, or return the cart for a mother with small children.  PS. Hold the door anyway.

Smile at everyone: There is proof that smiling is both contagious and can lift your spirits.  Isn’t it nice to know this power costs absolutely nothing.

Say something nice:  Years ago a coworker, who I didn’t think I knew very well, wrote me a note that simply said, thank you for being an oasis of tranquility in this busy place.  That was it. And that was all it needed to be.

fullsizeoutput_2ff9Notice what matters:   There is a dad who brings his daughter to the same jazz and tap class of my granddaughter.  They arrive together on his bike, since he doesn’t have a car on Thursdays.  He is the best dad as I watch him each week fluff up her hair flattened by the unicorn bike helmet, smooth out the flattened tutu, change her sneakers into tap shoes, and only lets her go once she has a hug and a have fun I asked if I could take the photo to remind him of what an amazing dad he is and I told him I could give him a ride, but as I expected, he said now she likes this special moment they share.

Pick up trash: How often do you hear people complain about trash on trails, sidewalks, or neighborhoods?  A gentleman in our neighborhood set precedence for this.  Not only does he pick up trash on his early morning walks, he also waves at passerby’s and has created that ripple effect for others to do the same.


Pay for someones coffee.  Everyone you meet has a story you know nothing about.  Do something kind. 

Pay for the meal of a military member or first responder.  They often work long hours under extreme conditions, all for one reason, to protect and serve. Write thank you on the receipt.  Who else might deserve a kindness from you?  Maybe a  teacher?

Send letters through the mailjust because.

Leave unsigned notes to people you see doing good things and leave them on their car. 

Donate blood.

Pass it on. When someone does something nice, don’t expect something in return or take compensation when it was done to be kind.  I learned this from someone who offered her beach-side cottage to us during the transition of a major move.  When I told her I didn’t know how we could ever repay her, she didn’t hesitate to say… pass it on.  There will always be someone in your life to pass it on to.  Do that.

Listen.  fullsizeoutput_2ff7

What does your list look like?  I would love to hear from you.  What do you do in your daily life to make a difference in the lives of others?  

Wind kisses, Donna

Thank You Gail for inspiring this.